Friday, April 3, 2015

Arvazallia Advanced Hair Repair Shampoo,Conditioner, and Hair Mask Review

I have long straight hair and I absolutely love these 3 hair care essentials! Arvazallia Professional Series is said to be perfect for all hair types. My hair has never looked healthier! I have tried other sulfate free shampoos before and I hated them. I know they are better for your hair, but the don't usually foam so I had to use a lot more shampoo before my hair felt clean. I just felt like I was pouring money down the drain. This shampoo actually foams some and my hair feels so clean and smooth. The conditioner is just as excellent! My favorite by far is the Hydrating Argan Oil Mask. This is not for daily use. I use it once a week. My hair just soaks it up and feels so silky smooth afterwards. I am a client for life!! Definitely check it out on Amazon with the links below. Any questions please feel free to ask. * I received these products at no cost in return for an HONEST review. Please understand that I will not lie about a product.

Hair Mask