Friday, December 12, 2014

Big Slice Apples Review

My boys absolutely LOVE Big Slice Apples! These apple slices are so good and come in 8 different flavors. They make them with chunky slices of apples. They are completely covered in delicious sauces. The company was started by a grandson trying to recreate his Grandma's recipes. Now you can find them at Target!

  The Flavors are categorized by 3 groups; Pure, Fit, and Luxe.
Pure: natural, blueberry pomegranate, and cherry vanilla.
Fit: banana mango & hemp seed, pineapple passion fruit & fiber, or raspberry hibiscus & green coffee extract.
Luxe. These are indulgences, still under 100 calories, but with the rich taste of boysenberry chocolate and cinnamon French toast. They’re good for you, and taste fantastic.

I received this at no cost in return for an honest review.

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